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Cockburn Police Station

Cockburn Police Station comprises of a ground floor which incorporates custodial areas including 2 cells, charge room, charge dock, search room, sally port and dekit room, and video interview rooms. First floor comprises of office space for the response team, operations room, conference room, local policing, bathrooms, amenities locker rooms and the gym.


Project Description

  • Gerflor Taralay Comfort – Indiana 8837 Gerflor Taralay Premium – Ozmos 4344 Ivory
    Gerflor Taralay Premium – Ozmos 4348 Alpaga
  • Godfrey Hirst – Curriculum – Class Red
    Godfrey Hirst – Curriculum – Exam Blue
    Godfrey Hirst – Curriculum – Tuition
    Godfrey Hirst – Icon – Ash Lights Godfrey Hirst – Icon 7900 Ash
    Godfrey Hirst – Landscape Custom Plank – ‘Deep Passion’
  • Tarkett – IQ Granit SD – 3096713 – ‘Black’ Tarkett – Omnisports Excel 8.3mm ‘Grey’
  • Shaws -Welcome 11 EW24 Charcoal

Builder: PS Structures

Architect: Peter Hunt Architects


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